1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

How many of us rose out of bed this morning, looked in our closet or dresser and chose what we would wear?  How many of us then decided whether we were going to shower, or just make it look like we showered?  How many of us chose our breakfast and then continued the trend of making various choices throughout the day?  One amazing aspect of humanity is that regardless of our culture, regardless of our socio-economical status, regardless of whether we are in a prison cell locked between bars or surrounded by four walls, regardless of our race, heritage, or creed we have been endowed by our Creator with the power of choice.

Why is love the greatest above faith and hope?  Personally, I believe love to be greatest because it is the least about me and it is about choosing others; over me.  Love is a choice that we make.  Truly when we wake up in the morning just like putting on our clothes, the choice is ours to put on Love.  Faith and hope keep me walking but Love is the walk.  Love empowers us to forgive and forget the sins that others do to us.  Love empowers us to turn the other cheek to that co-worker who is after your position at work.  Love is the action of walking in faith wherever the Lord leads.  Love continues to hope even in hopelessness.

Are you in a troubled situation where people are out to hurt you?  Are you in a tumultuous marriage where your significant other is cheating on you?  Are you wealthy beyond your imagination or are you a popper living from meal to meal?  I see both the wealthy and the popper in the same situation; both afraid to give of what they have. All of these things have the act of love as the unnatural response.

Where is love?  Where is it exemplified?  Where can we see it?  Where can we get it?  How do we choose it?  In order to understand love we must look to the one who is Love.  Jesus said, “if any come after me let them deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me.”  Just like being an addict the first step towards freedom is by first admitting that there is a problem.  We don’t know how to love.  Begin by admitting that you don’t know how to love, unconditionally and sacrificially.  Oh, don’t get me wrong all of us can love; for we are all lovers of ourselves.  Only through Jesus can one achieve love for their fellow man above that of the common citizen.

Christ be with you,

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Lyn Sheperd


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